How to Get Your First Job in Tech

Date: December 12, 2022
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Learn more about the possibilities when it comes to careers in tech with this exciting blog post from InnovateHer.

To get your first job in tech there are multiple routes that you can take, there isn’t just one – some go from university into a tech job, some get an apprenticeship in the technology sector which can turn into a full-time job, and others have less typical routes.

What you will discover when you start your journey into the tech sector, is that there are more jobs than you think- have a passion for fashion? Raving for gaming? In awe with law? There’s a tech job there!

You can become a games designer, a data technician, a UX designer, and so on. The opportunities are endless.

If you’re 13-17 you can sign up to the InnovateHer online platform. Whilst there, you can watch our ‘Meet The Expert’ Series in which you are introduced to people who work in a variety of different jobs in the tech industry, to understand what roles are available to you.

Read on to find out more about the different pathways you could take to start your career in tech.

Online Courses

Online Courses are a great place to start your career journey in tech, as they allow you to explore skills and to learn as much as you can!

InnovateHer’s e-Learning platform gives you the opportunity to learn about different areas in Tech from UX (User Experience) to Coding through our long and short courses. The platform seeks to introduce and teach you the basics of Tech.

Places like Code Academy, FutureLearn, and SkillShare also provide online courses (most are free too!). Doing online courses allows you to see what you like and dislike, they let you be curious and creative, and you can start building a portfolio to showcase your hardwork and talent.

Graduate schemes

If university is the route you go down, we know it can be daunting when your study ends, when you’re let out into the world to get that job, and are expected to succeed. It’s pressurising. But, there are opportunities there – organisations like ITS Technology and Kimberley Clark offer Graduate Schemes, and in university you would have received a thorough education on your chosen topic, which makes you stand out in terms of education. You have the knowledge, and now you need the experience, and you can start building this experience through freelance work, and networking can be a huge help in getting your first job in Tech as you build relationships and meet new people.


Not all tech companies require a degree. Apprenticeships have a key role in helping you to get your first job in tech, as an apprenticeship is learning on the job, you are able to both learn and earn, whilst being surrounded by people who have experience. Apprenticeships provide you with the opportunity to stay in that role or with that company permanently too. Since, by doing an apprenticeship you have shown your skill, talent, and determination to do the job, and showcase how you are as an individual and as an employee too. Our partner, Baltic Apprenticeships has several apprenticeship opportunities which you can access here.


Once you have the knowledge, and now you need the experience, you can start building this experience through networking, which can be a huge help in getting your first job in Tech as you build relationships and meet new people.

Not only does networking help build relationships, but allows you to grow your pre-existing skills and knowledge, as well as find employment.

Where can you network?

  • Social Media- platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter are great for networking as you can reach people directly and build a community there.
  • Groups – Virtual or in-person, groups exist to provide a space where you can meet people in a similar position who are working towards the same thing, for example there are Freelancer groups found across multiple online platforms.
  • Eventbrite and Meet up – these platforms has a search function so that you can find local networking events in your area!

Getting your first job in tech is a blend of many different things from education, skill, knowledge, hard work, and passion.

It is important that more people are made aware of the tech industry, and the careers involved from a younger age, as that exposure has the potential to change so much; the changes that exposure bring is not only a new career pathway, but a fairer society.

Did you know that the percentage of women who work in the tech sector stands at 26%? It is clear that there is a lack of diversity in the industry across multiple minorities.

The lack of diversity in the industry creates issues, for example there wasn’t a female crash test dummy until this year and there are issues with facial recognition software as it isn’t made for everyone.

Issues like these will only be solved through a more diverse workforce, and that is built by people of diverse backgrounds seeing the tech sector as a career. This is what InnovateHer do – we work with girls and non-binary teens to introduce them to the tech sector, the careers involved, and to undertake initial learning to set them on the path to a Tech career.

If you’re interested in finding out more, click the button below to sign up to our e-Learning platform!