Kick-start Your Career in Tech With the Cisco Networking Academy

Date: December 1, 2023
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The Cisco Networking Academy programme is a global IT training and education programme that equips and inspires learners from all backgrounds to upskill and kick-start a career in tech. The programme has changed the lives of over 20 million individuals in 190 countries since inception in 1997. It’s provided by Cisco – a multinational tech company that specialises in Networking, Cybersecurity, and Collaboration technologies, working to securely connect the world.

Whether you’re curious about tech or ready to build a career, you can find your fit with introductory to advanced courses across foundational tech topics like cybersecurity, networking, IT infrastructure, programming, and data science. The Cisco Networking Academy allows learners to gain industry-relevant skills and ample practice with hands-on & virtual labs, projects, and practical experiences.

Online courses

Any learner in Greater Manchester can access a broad range of free, online IT training courses with the Cisco Networking Academy. All online courses are self-paced, meaning that you can complete the course in your own time, and mobile-friendly, giving learners greater flexibility. Courses start at beginner level with the “Introduction to” offerings and allow learners to deepen their knowledge with more advanced skills-to-jobs pathways.

Why not get started today with the Introduction to Cybersecurity course? This short course will take you inside the world of cybersecurity and you will learn the cybersecurity basics to protect your personal digital life, whilst also gaining insights into the biggest security challenges governments, companies, and educational institutions face today. You can view all free, online, self-paced, and mobile-friendly training opportunities at this webpage.

A young person at UCEN's training facility types on a keyboard.

Continue your IT training with Academies in Greater Manchester

The Cisco Networking Academy partners with 11,700 Academies across the globe who teach and deliver Cisco courses to students. In Greater Manchester, we are fortunate to have several Academies offering a range of Cisco courses to students. You can view all Cisco Academies in Greater Manchester using the Cisco Networking Academy Locator tool here.

UCEN Manchester is a key global Partner where they are recognized as a Cisco Networking Academy Premier+ Partner; an award given to the top 5% of Partners globally. UCEN Manchester deliver first-class technical and professional higher-level skills to meet the priorities of Greater Manchester and the wider region, with a focus on a vocational education. Click here to learn more about the School of Computing and Cybersecurity, where a myriad of advanced Cisco certification courses are offered including CCNA 1 Introduction to Networks, CCNA 2 Switching, Routing, and Wireless Essentials, CCNA 3 Enterprise Networking, Security, and Automation, and Cisco Network Security.

Through these instructor-led courses, learners can earn industry certifications that employers value, validating you have vendor-neutral, transferable technical skills. The Cisco Networking Academy courses are proven to help learners stand out from the crowd, with 95% of Cisco Networking Academy students sharing that a Cisco certification course helped them get a job or further educational opportunity.

Hear what a student has to say!

One Cisco Networking Academy student at UCEN Manchester shared; “I particularly enjoyed the hands-on practical labs that I feel helped me get ready for employment within the tech sector”. You can view a range of case studies from NetAcad in the UK & Ireland here, including learners who have studied courses at schools, colleges, universities, and charities.