Skills Bootcamps GM – Free Skills Training

Date: August 19, 2022
Categories: 19-24 | 24+ | Featured

#SkillsBootcampsGM offers free training to people aged over 19 living and working in Greater Manchester, resulting in a guaranteed interview with a local employer.

The training is flexible to your needs and is a direct response to the challenges we know businesses in the city-region are experiencing.

Although all residents over 19 years can benefit, we’re placing a high focus on ensuring priority groups have access to this fantastic opportunity including;

  • low paid and unemployed/not in work
  • veterans
  • ex-offenders
  • women
  • ethnic minorities
  • over 50s
  • those returning work after a break/maternity leave
  • people living with a health condition/disability

The latest training is brand new, so more industries will continuously be added.